Marcs comic picks.

In my absences I have still been able to read comics (no surprise) so hear are a couple of my reviews


It’s a new run for Thor (now at number 9), they’ve got rid of the thee’s and thou’s and brought him kicking and screaming into the 21st century. So far this series has been mind blowing, completely reinvigorating the stale Thor story, written by J Michael Straczynski.

To start with, Thor is back with Dr Blake his human alter-ego, Asgard has been resurrected only this time in the deep south of America (Oklahoma) giving us some lovely interaction between Viking gods and the locals. As if this wasn’t enough, Thor has brought the gods, daemons and giants back to life (some by mistake). The scripting is amazing and the art breath taking, what can I say apart from pick it up!

Cable and Deadpool

I’ve been following this series since the start, its fun witty and very emotional in places (written consistently by Fabian Nicieza). But all good things must come to an end and this is a review of the last issue. This shows the development as Deadpool as a character, he’s gone from a psycho, killing and murdering just because he can, to a psycho killer who’s turned over a new leaf, just kicking the crap out of the villains.

A lot of the fun of this series is Deadpool breaking the forth wall. It’s a fun, venom filled, dinosaur kicking romp with witty banter and an ending that ties the series up with a lovely little bow. I recommend picking up all the back issues (they are released as trade paperbacks now), unfortunately Deadpool is now going to be written by the team behind Wolverine Origins, say good bye to the Deadpool we love.

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