Captain Britain, a Skrull?

I’m back! Finally I’ve had the time to post up the stories that have been driving me insane over the past week.

So as you know from either listening to the show or from actually following the comic book world (ed-or the site), Marvels Secret Invasion is about to take place. This involves the Skrulls taking over the Earth by subtly infiltrating all major “hero” organisations throughout the world, cool by itself but the reason I’m so excited is to do with one of the tie in comics.

For the first time ever (in my knowledge) Captain Britain has his own mini-series that doesn’t involve either Alan Davis or Chris Claremont, if that wasn’t enough thanks to a little insider information I saw the comic’s cover (thanks Harry!) and on it he was wearing his classic Alan Davis costume. This costume dates back to the 80’s.

Now this got my little brain wondering if he is wearing his old costume, does this mean he is a Skrull? Or is it just a salute to the classic works of Alan Davis and Alan Moore. Also with new scriptwriters this could be an amazing (ed-or horrible) regeneration of captain Britain bringing him to a new audience.

All I can say is roll on May!

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