Gibson on the war path!

Gibson Guitar has filed a lawsuit against Viacom’s MTV Network, Harmonix and Electronic Arts (EA). The suit claims that 'Guitar Hero' and 'Rock Band' violate their patent for technology to simulate a musical performance that Gibson developed.

Activision filed a pre-emptive counter-suit against Gibson early last month saying that the company’s patent should be made invalid by the courts. This would prevent the company from seeking future damages.

In reply to the lawsuit a spokesperson for Harmonix said that, “This lawsuit is completely without merit and we intend to defend it vigorously.” MTV is mentioned in the suit because it bought 'Guitar Hero' from Harmonix.

Bloody ridiculous huh. What are your thoughts?


Darbz said...

Haha, heard about this...I dunno weather to say "hahaha wicked" or "hahaha Gutted" but brilliant! I love this storey :)
Hope you guys hjave been good teh last few days as there havent been any posts up but take care of yourselves

Ben said...

We are still alive, but the news has kinda dried up over the last few days.

We have some fresh news that will be in the show, and hopefully some more shall appear over the next few days.