Films news bites.

Here are three little news stories for you.


The Daily Mail has reported that 17 year old Thomas Sangster will be playing the roving reporter hero for the new mo-cap trilogy.

Sangster's is best known for his role as Sam (Liam Neesons son) in Love Actually.

Constantine 2

IESB spoke with Keanu Reeves recently and it turns out that any possibility of a sequel to the underrated Constantine is now very unlikely.

A few months ago, Francis Lawrence (the director) mentioned that a sequel may be possible but it all depended on a script.

IESB report that "Reeves was decidedly less optimistic and said that despite planning it at one time, a second go-round as John Constantine wasn't something he'd be interested in doing anymore."

Rambo V

At the end of Rambo IV we saw the hero going home to his dads farm in Arizona. It turns out though that with the now steaming ahead Rambo V Bulgaria will be doubling up for Arizona in a bid to save money.

If this is mean we can expect the entirety of Rambo V to be set in the US and filmed in Bulgaria, or if just part of it will be set in the US, remains to be seen.

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Darbz said...

Wicked movie news and its good to know whats on and whats not and whats a maybe...I love to hear about movie bits like this. thnx guys