2 directors you have probably never heard of...

Are going to be shooting two movies that are both Sci-Fi related. The reason they are in the same post, less work for me and all the lovely news for you. Show some gratitude goram it!

Peter Berg, a director who's face you might recognise from TV (and a pretty impressive CV), shockingly, is going to be helming none other than the latest big screen adaptation of Dune.

Some would say thats slightly crazy, other brave. I really enjoy David Lynch's take on it all, even if it leaves a lot out. Dune is one of those books that is just shouting "I cant be adapted, move along, nothing to see here!" But people just keep on trying.

It's one of those book I read as a youngster and I just know that if I went back to it now it would be so much better! Click the link for info on the producers, like you care and be aware this is gonna focus on the environmental issues of the book and hopefully have a decent budget, for a change.

I am already worried as they are carping on about the real world links and connections with the book, uh oh, is this gonna be some kind of ram it down out throats soap box film. I really hope not.

James Mangold, who I know even less that Peter Berg is going to be taking a crack at adapting a comic book entitle Cyclops. At this point I feel obliged to add slightly sarcastically, no not Cyclops from X-Men.

This Cyclops is based on Alexis Nolent's comic/GN/TPB about a group of mercs who fight with helmets that broadcast their battles live to both their commanders and into peoples homes. One of these soldiers slowly begins to realise that their fight is not for justice, but for commerce and viewing figures. Sounds kinda clich├ęd and simple to me. You would have to be a bit slow not to realise that's what was going on surely.

"It is an electrifying package you find in the best sci-fi: great action sequences combined with themes that are eminently foreseeable," Mangold told Variety.

Well this could be good, it could also be terrible. The dudes CV is pretty solid, but something about the idea feels very old what with our technically advanced and very technologically aware society. Maybe it's gonna be a period peace. It just feels like something that would have worked 20 years ago, but not now. Unless the technology and tone are going to be massively updated.

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