What do Hellraise, Wolverine and Watchmen have in common?

Nothing other than they are the three very small stories I am going to cover in this post. The reason for this, today has been a very slow news day, I really don't think these warrant the time or the effort of a post each, so you get them all in one easily digestible post.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A day doesn't seem to go bye without more little tit bits about this movie.

Todays news is more casting rumours. It looks like Danny Huston will be playing the role of William Stryker rather than the much rumoured Michael C. Hall. He is supposedly on set in NZ preparing for the role as I type this.

Then there is the rumour that The Silver Fox has been cast and that Lynn Collins has got the role. The character is meant to be Native American, so she doesn't really look the part, but hell, they seem to be changing the back story of every other character, so why not this one.

Clive Barker Presents: Hellraiser

Catchy title huh, well that's the first part of the news, that's what the new Hellraiser remake will be known as.

The writers for this project have supposedly been found, they are: Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton. Best know for writing one of the numerous Saw sequels they will most likely bring a degree of that ultra violent torture porn to Hellraiser, oh joy.


I can sum this news up in three words: It's a wrap. Cool huh.

This movie is very highly anticipated/dreaded by many including myself. The source is seminal if over rated, but here's hoping Snyder does it justice, like he did the visually stunning 300.

For more on this head over to here, but I doubt you will bother.

So that's the news for today, slim pickings doesn't come close. Go check out the Iron Man trailer again, that will make you smile some more, I'm going to do that as I'm sick and need cheering up.

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