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Well, today, I have been busy catching up somewhat with the goings on in the Marvel universe. So here is another bunch of reviews, in another irregular addition of Picks off the Pile.

So here are some bite sized reviews and thoughts on the comics I have recently devoured.

Ultimates 3 #2

There have been some more than a few negative comments about this issue of Ultimates. I had no problems with the art, hell I think that it's awesome. I enjoyed the action and the beautifully kinetic elements on show.

But the writing is stunted and out of character, something that really makes it hard to connect to the characters who frankly act out of character and a far to obvious. It seems that some of the adult writing that was a staple of volumes 1 and 2 has been lost with Loebs interpretation of the universe.

It an issue that is worth read for where to story might be going, but disappointing over all.

Ultimate Iron Man 2 #3

Orson Scott Card is one of my all time favourite authors. But it seems this time round he has fallen into the trap. He has become what comic fans hate, a 'main stream' author hashing up comic book script.

I enjoyed the first volume of this series a great deal, it was fun to find out about the genesis of the character who was so pivotal within the Ultimate universe and so far what he is doing in volume 2 is OK, but I just felt bored and left cold by this issue. I hope it picks up a great deal and gets somewhere quickly.

I wouldn't recommend this as a purchase which is a real shame. I think the series will improve, it has to.

Captain America #34

Wow. I could talk about this in great detail, but I have mentioned this before, on the show and the blog. This issue did not disappoint.

The 'reveal which wasn't' was handled very well. We all knew it was coming so there was no need to have a splash page depicting it to everyone's shock, something we thankfully didn't get. What has been building since Brubaker took over the rains of this series is paying off massively with the Red Skull at his most convincingly evil and intelligent. Brubaker writes with such depth and such a great grasp of the characters that you can't help but be sucked in.

It is astounding to see how much thought and planning has gone into this series, the end of this issue is shocking and perfectly fits into what you expect and demand as a reader. One of the best series out there. A must buy, but start at the beginning.

Iron Man #25

Now perhaps a less favoured character I still strongly believe that Iron Man is best handled and used in his own series.

Again this issue will pay off for the long time follower of the series, and the ending just leaves you aching for the next issue.

Unlike Cap, this series has been through many writers and it sometimes shows, but the changes in Stark and the way he is developing and de-constructing is fascinating to read. Taking away his advantages and seeing him in the old suit again is great!

Another great issue, a read for sure, but perhaps not something you need to go out of the way to get.

Marvel Zombies 2 #4

Kirkman, the man to blame for the Zombie infestation we now see on the shelves of every comic book store. It all began with Walking Dead, then Marvel Zombies took it main stream. Now we have to ask, when will it end? I really hope it will be the fifth and last issue of this series coming later this month.

I love Zombies, I love anything with them in. But I am getting very tired of them in comics. Kirkman did it best with the early volumes of Walking Dead but it seems he has lost interest in his own creation.

Of late his writing has fallen bellow par, as if dulled by working so much with Marvel. Get back to what you are best at Robert, get more Walking Dead and Invincible on the shelves, let this thing die for the last time!

So there ya go, that's what I have just read, some really go comics in there, and I can't wait for more. The bad, well you know who you are, improve or watch your readership dwindle. Hopefully, if you ask him very nicely Marc might bring us a similar look at the world of DC.

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Darbz said...

Thnx for the Marvel reviews some good info and nice to know the good shit to keep up with especially with the ultimates :) We all know what to expect from Iron Man and Captain America but like the mentions. And muchos grathias for the Marvel Zombies review :)