"Harley Quinn, pleased to meetcha!"

So this is a quick follow up post to my "Dark Knight" rumours. I have just had a secret little envelope given to me by a super special source that contains more on the rumour that Sarah Jayne Dunn will be playing Harley Quinn in Dark Knight.

So here is my new info, it seems that the lovely Miss Dunn has put up on her online CV that she is playing Harley. So the next question is how is she going to fit into the story? Will she be the one to release the Joker from Arkham? Is she just going to appear as a little bit part as Harleen Quinzel the psychiatrist.

I must admit she has the right look for Harley, but the question is can she actually play the part and will they be making Harley British? Or will the actress be attempting an American accent?

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Darbz said...

Would have been nice to see a face I would recognise as Harley Quin, but she will permenantly remind me of her annoying Holly Oaks character 'Mandy'. So it's a plus and a minus :S