"NOW this is HALO!"

If you’re a Halo fan (and lets be honest if you’re on this web page you’ve at least played one of the now legendary games) then you’re in luck for coming this June to stores near you are Spartans LOTS of Spartans.

Todd Mcfarlane the warped creator behind the hit comic and cartoon Spawn has blessed us with a selection of Spartan figure’s based on the armour from Halo 3. Not only has he made the Mark VI (made famous by the one and only Master Chief) but there’s a sculpt of every other armour type from the game. You always wanted a Spartan wearing CQB or even SCOUT armour? Now you can.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mcfarlanes work for a while now; the paint jobs on the figures always look exquisite, making them feel more then just a toy. From what I’ve seen and if any of his previous figures are to go on they will be well articulated so you can pose them in any epic battle stance your little mind can come up with. On top of that each of these figures will come in a varied selection of colours and armed with the best weapons any Spartan worth his salt could hope for.

Personally I’m looking forward to the gold Spartan with red insignia stripes as this looks like the character I play on-line. Shame it comes with a shotgun and not a needler though.

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Darbz said...

Haha Marcs room's gonna look like a Halo Multi player when these are released!