The new Indiana Jones Trailer!

It's true a leaked somewhat crappy trailer has been up for a few hours...

But HERE is the real deal and in all its official glory!

I Love it, can't wait for this film.

Bring on May.

(Marc - I’ve been very sceptical about the new Indiana Jones movie. I mean honestly can Harrison still pull off the legend that is Indy, but after watching the new trailer I can say yes he can. It looks amazingly fun, with whip swinging car chases and lots of evil communists! Ohh and does any one else think facial hair really doesn't suit Shia LaBeouf?)

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Matt said...

Why does it have to have the retard child from Transformers in it? Haven't they realised that he is actually the worst person ever? Even worse than Hitler. I mean, come on, is that hard to see???