New Amsterdam finally to air

Well it's taken months of waiting but... Fox's new SF show, New Amsterdam is finally gonna hit the airwaves on March 4 (in the US).

Yes I did say Fox.

If you have not heard of this show, and that's possible, the premise is relatively simple. The show focuses on John Amsterdam, a brilliant New York (which grew from the colony of New Amsterdam for those not up on there colonial American history) cop, the kicker, the SF twist is that he is immortal. In 1642 John saved some no doubt hot Indian chick from being murdered and was granted immortality as a reward/curse for his troubles. Though this will stop when he meets his one true love. Of course John has lived a long time and seen many of his love ones wither and die, that has to suck.

Very sweet, almost sugar coated huh, but it sounds like it has promise which probably means that Fox will kill it stone dead within say six episodes. All joking aside this show has been in production hell for months now and many thought it would never actually get aired. I say good luck to it, I shall be checking it out and let you know what I think next week.

Go here for more information.

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