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Well here we are again with a couple of new comic book reviews, this time we have a selection from DC and Marvel.

Ghost Rider.

The Ghost Rider stories have been getting worse and worse, the last comic arc of him verses the devil (yet again) was just so repetitive and dull, making the character a pathetic shell of the pure awesomeness that he is. Well I’m happy to say this new comic and new writer (here's a cool Jason Aaron interview) has really shaken up the ghost rider world. It’s a VERY well written horror adventure that yes is a little tongue in cheek at times (killer nurses working for an angel) but Johnny is back to his bad arse ways. The art is amazing; I’ve flipped through it around 6 times just to enjoy the pretty pictures. Now to the story itself, picking up from the shock of the last issue Ghost Rider is on the hunt for an angel who has been manipulating him from the very beginning. On his search for vengeance Ghost Rider burns down a church, pisses off some hot killer nurses and is now stuck on a motorway ruled by the ghosts of the past, I cant wait to see what happens next!

Green Lantern Corp.

After the surprise hit of the sinestro wars I’ve been really excited to see what they are going to do with this series, last weeks introduction of the Alpha Lanterns was a very interesting and rather sick twist in the story, turning five main characters into the police of the Green Lanterns. But in this issue they focus on one of the Alpha lanterns (an ex-lost lantern) Boodikka. The story is baddly writen and just badly paced, its about her return to her home world to execute her old friends and how the guardians are testing her loyalties. Just a poorly executed story and one I would definitely avoid.

Black Canary and Green Arrow.

This series has been drama after drama from the very beginning, in the first issue (their wedding special) Green Arrow attempts to kill Black Canary on the honeymoon, but the attempt fails and ends with his death. That’s just a small taste of how screwed up this story gets. The latest instalment see’s Green Arrows son Connor brain dead after being shot, this part of the arc revolves more around Ollie’s (Green Arrow) attempt to deal with the pain of watching his son die in front of him. There’s a lot more to it but saying to much would ruin the story, I would recommend this series, but its something you would want to read from the beginning, it also has the annoying habit of ending on some insane cliff hangers each month.

Well there we have it, A quick review of some do’s and don’ts from this weeks comic explosion, I’m sure there will be more reviews coming up soon so check back often.

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