A little more on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Film School Rejects has reported that Jackman has let slip some more details about one of summers 09's most hotly anticipated movies.

This 'little' tit bit is that The Blob, long time bad guy in the X-Men comic universe may indeed be appearing in the film.

Played by a man in an impressively massive fat suit for the film, his visual appearance will be something like that of a 1,200 pounds of glistening, rolling fat loosely looking like a person.

Not a pleasant image, but, that's not the only nasty thing about this story.

The Blob has always been a bad guy for the X-Men, being discovered working in a Circus freak show at the very start of the comics. The character rejects the X-Men's help and from that point on is a perennial nemesis, often working for The Brotherhood AKA Magnetos gang of pro mutant terrorists.

But for the Wolverine origins movie it is rumoured that an extensive rewrite of the Blob's history has taken place and that he will be military officer who served alongside Wolverine in a mutant special ops team.

So wrong, in so many ways and I'm not even a fan of the comic.

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