I think it's fair to say, goodbye HD-DVD.

There is no denying that HD-DVD is/was the superior format. With a standardised specification and better audio and video quality, it would seem that this time Sony have actually won a format war.

I have avoided posting something like this for a few months, ever since the majority of the studios shifted support to Blu-Ray. When WB left the HD-DVD stable, it seemed then, that all was lost.

Now, the sad fact is, it is beyond debate.

Just recently announced a bevy of blows from the US has sealed the deal. Walmart and Best Buy have gone exclusively Blu-Ray and Netflix has also announced it will be dropping support for the format.

Add that with the fact that Toshiba have announced that they will no longer be making HD-DVD players and I think its fair to say RIP HD-DVD.

It's a shame, I was an early supporter and my collection is, OK, but people just didn't get out there and bye the players or the add-on for the 360.

It's debatable how import this format war was, what with the advent of digital download services, but it always sucks to see your team loose.

For me this means that my purchase of a PS3 is now inevitable, or maybe if MS are smart and announce a Blu-Ray add-on I shall just get that instead, they were after all pretty cagey with there support for the format.

Well done Sony, you have finally bucked your own trend (Betamax, Mini Disk, UMD) and actually built the winning hardware, at least for now.

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