G.I. Joe's Destro - Re-Cast.

At the end of last month we posted a story about who has been cast as Destro in the new G.I. Joe movie (click here for the old story) but that has all changed.

My heart goes out to you David Murray who has not been re-cast because of rehab, an accident or something else just as unexpected but because he could not get a work VISA for the US!

Of all the reasons to miss out in playing a part in a big movie, that has got to be one of the worst.

On the flip side we have got a more well known and just as talented actor coming in to take his place.

Christopher Eccleston. Best known in recent years for his year long stint as The Doctor this guy has some serious acting chops. So good luck to him, and lets hope he has already sorted out his VISA. Shooting begins on the 13th of February.

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Darbz said...

Thnx for the post, I'm well excited about this film! Ecclestone will do the character justice for sure!