Dork in Your Eye: Episode 3, The State of Things to Come

Hey Guys!

Welcome back to another episode Dork in Your Eye. This show is all about... The future!

Ooooooh. Sounds exciting huh, and it is. With a similar format to episode 2 we take a look at what awaits us in 08 and a little of 09.

There really are some very exciting things on the horizon and The Climbing Shrimp team are giggling and bursting with excitement all over them.

Don't forget that we really appreciate any feedback that you give us. Be it comment, e-mail or on one of the various forums that we have a presence on.

More importantly though, the competition is still running, and it really is for an awesome prize. We know it's not easy, but the best things in life never are. So send in your 'answers' now! We have had a few entries, but more would be great, who knows you might win.

For the next show... Expect something different.


Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, The Blackest Night, The Ultimates, Too Human, Star Wars The Force Unleashed.


Darbz said...

Nice show guys I listened to it today and it made me chuckle in a few places :) Just to out geek u both the star wars Jedi Kight series went:-
0-Dark Forces
1-Dark Forces II - Jedi knight
2-Jedi Night - Mysteries of the sith
3-Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast
4-Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
I put Dark forces as 0 because it's the first in the Karl Katarn series. Which leads to the sequal (Dark Forces II) which is the prequal to the official Jedi Knight series. Even though Jedi Academy isn't titled Jedi Knight III - it's the third in the series lol.
But good show again, and looking forward to the next one.

Darbz said...

Ohh yeah forgot to mention, Battlestar Galactica is awesome (a defo should watch Marc, it reminds me of the 70's Buck Rodgers)!
In relation to the appearances of marvel characters in other characters movies and shows...I think the old 70's marvel TV shows used to have other characters appear every now and again (like in the old spiderman tv series) and in the old 'The Flash' and 'Dare Devil' movies, I think other characters appeared in those too. I can't tell you whether this is ACTUALLY true or false cos I watched all that stuff so long ago, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an unusual feature in previous comic book cinematography... :)