Corporate Cowardice

Following up on my censorship story, I found today that Marvel had released the covers for “Ultimates 3” Issue three. Now if you remember my post (if not look it up) you’ll remember that the suggested cover was that beautiful piece of work by Frank Cho featuring Scarlet Witch and Wolverine in a passionate embrace, I personally felt this was a beautiful piece that honestly made me think of some classic paintings that are worshipped.

Yes the cover still features them... Sort of. Each character is being used on a different cover (Wolverine and Scarlet) that have nothing to do with the original masterpiece, not even a censored version.

The Ultimates team have wanted to take risks from the start this series was created tackling subjects that are usually shunned and bringing a darker more realistic world to comics. An approach that Marvel brought into its mainstream universe. But now they wont even publish a censored version (with a cape). I hate the censorship whirlwind we are caught in right now, nothing can be shown that might offend some one.

This is one of the most cowardly moves by the ball-less upper management I have witnessed in a long time. All I hope is that they have the original artwork either somewhere in the comic or re-release it with the original cover idea.

Censorship is everywhere, keep it out of our s**d**g comics please!


(ed-another 'bastards' rant brought to you by the sour like a lemon, just picture his face, Marc)

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