Status Update...

Well, if you have visited the site maybe twice over the last few days you would be hard pressed not to see the speed in which it has grown.

From a very empty blog site to a fully fledged, news and podcast hub (ed-if he does say so himself).

Now with the iTunes subscription being made available there are but a few little tweaks I want to make and they are all cosmetic. New banner art and art for the show are both coming, but the guts of the site are now here.

Expansion might at some point include things like... Well I better not tell you for two reasons. They might not happen and hell, a surprise is always good.

I also want to say thanks for all the people who have checked out the show and already subscribed to the feed. I hope what you have found has been too your liking and you will be back for more.

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MunkeyKungFu said...

W00t :D