Black Canary or silly pigeon?

There is a little disagreement here in the Climbing Shrimp team about the "cult" TV show known as Smallville.

I believe I watched this show for the first two seasons, always hopping that it could turn into something more then just a swirling cesspool of teenage angst with a super powered hero (ed-it does, kinda, well they stop being teens). I stopped watching the series when "The Flash" turned up not as the heroic Wally we all know and love but as a small time child crook... Now to my knowledge that has nothing to do with any continuity out there (feel free to correct me), and so the show continued to butcher characters and put them in more ridiculous looking outfits (ed-Green Arrow anyone?).

Now I think they've taken it to the EXTREME of stupidity, above is the accused. Allegedly this is Black Canary. OK I'll admit lower half yes that's her, fishnets and boots that's kinda hard to screw up. But short hair and face paint?! I know in her earlier appearances she is a brunette and becomes a blonde because of Green Arrow. But damn this just looks ridiculous.

Just to show you what the original character is supposed to look like here is a comparison.

How can you get that so wrong?


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