Dork In Your Eye: Episode 19, Dork Fest 08 Part 2

Guess what, it's Dork Fest 08... Part 2. I told you it wouldn't be long and we would be back with the second part of this special episode!

The same guest are back, it's just a continuation of the first part, so no, I wont be typing loads to explain it.

I will say this though, NEVER again. When I started DiYE my intention was to do short, easily digestible shows. This was not that. Damn.

Towards the end you might also notice some podcaster lag, this is when all those involved have been recording for hours and it's nearly stopped being fun. Nearly. We are all tired towards the end. But in some ways, that makes some of the best content.

So here it is: Show 19 Part 2, just to completely mess up my numbering system. Oh and one more thing, sorry I sound robotic for the first half or so, Skype is not a fun system to use for recording.

Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things (in the order they are talked about) we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Matts top 5 for 08!

Left 4 Dead, Mirrors Edge, Iron Man, Heath Ledger/The Dark Knight, Alistair Reynolds

Marcs top 5 for 08!

Too Human, Green Lantern, Cons and Cos Play, Captain Britain, Doing DiYE

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