Dork In Your Eye: Episode 19, Dork Fest 08 Part 1

Guess what, it's Dork Fest 08... Part 1. Our first ever annual look back at the previous year!

Oh and before you say anything, no I had no help with that title. Should I have sort someone out, answers on an e-postcard to...

Seriously though, welcome one and all to a very big show, so big it's in two parts, or at least it will be when the second one is
ready. Dork Fest 08 is our special look back at ALL the geeky things from 2008. Well no, not really. Me and Marc (AKA the Anti Santa) return with two very special guests...

Liam (AKA MunkeyKungFu) and Matt (AKA Tr@ize) both of which are hung over and more than a little tired but kind enough to join us on Skype for a long and rambling look back. Involving, what else, some top 5 lists! It has to be done, we are after all nothing but sheep!

So download now for some new year fun and put a smile on your face as we reminisce! In this episode me and Liam hit our top 5, make sure you check out part 2 for Matt and Marcs top picks!

RIGHT CLICK: SAVE AS to download, or LEFT CLICK to listen!

Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things (in the order they are talked about) we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Liams top 5 for 08!

Battlestar Galactica, Clans (49CMD), Pocky (ed-because he is eating it), Sins of a Solar Empire, L4D/Zombies!

Bens top 5 for 08!

Marvels Secret Invasion, Fallout 3, iTouch, Rock Band 2, Marvel New Direction with Film - Avengers etc.

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