Dork's are everywhere!

So here at climbing shrimp we are lovers of all things dorky and geeky as you know.

While Ben is bringing you the fast and up to date news, I've slightly side stepped that and I'm bringing you a little bit of the crazyness of other dorks from around the world. If our holy editor is ok with it, I'll try and do a bi monthly "dorks are everywhere" post.

Moving swiftly on.

The first video is by a gentleman named John Williams, he's taken classic music titles from movies we all know and love. then using some insane musical talent converted them into acapello song about star wars, this is video is mind blowing.

If that wasn't enough, still on a musical note this is a hilarious video of two fighters attempting to spar when a group of Mortal Kombat fans arrive... Trust me its worth it.

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