Yo Joe!! I wanna play with them all!

Well today for me has been like a fan boys wet dream. As I browsed the internet I found some interesting pictures from up coming movies that were a huge part of my child hood. This is going to have to be a two parter because I have so many pictures to display.

G.I Joe:

Well we all saw the beautiful pictures of snake eyes looking like a complete bad ass, finally they have released the full cast in their amazing costumes. I was worried that no one would look like the character they are meant to be... Oh how wrong could I be?! thanks to wizard for these shots. (ed-for all the pics click for larger version!)

Destro: He looks at the moment the least like his character as he doesn’t have the silver mask. But from the information they have given that will be coming later into the movie.

Duke: He’s a chisel jawed bad ass and looks like it. Damn this casting was seriously perfect. They have gone away from Dukes usual outfit of a mustard yellow shift and camo trousers for a more stream lined outfit in keeping with the rest of the G.I JOE force.

Hawk: DAMN! I never thought I’d see a living breathing version of the toy’s I owned but I cant argue with my eyes. I cant praise the wardrobe and casting enough.

Heavy Duty: Like Duke they’ve moved away from the characters original costume, which I admit works well for this movie.

Storm Shadow: Not much can be seen in this photo, but from what can he again looks like an amazing live action toy, I just want to put him and Snake Eyes in a room and make them duel to the death for my entertainment. Which if we are lucky should happen in the movie.

The Baroness: I’ll admit I started drooling a little when I saw these photos. She is a leather glad bad ass who I would happily play action games with long into the night. I’m glad to see they’ve gone for platforms instead of the usual stiletto making her straight away a more realistic character. I’d seen older pictures from earlier in the movie with her having blonde hair, I’m ecstatic to see her black hair returned obviously as a part of the characters development.

After seeing these amazing pictures I’m even more excited about the up coming film, I mean WOW! It's going to be like watching all my childhood action dreams come to life… All they need to do now is the Transformers and G.I Joe cross over, who knows it could happen.

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