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Me and Marc are frothing with excitement over the imminent release of Secret Invasion #1 which hits the shops in just 2 days time at the time of this post. So I decided to put together a total of 5 reviews of the latest comics from the Marvel Universe that I have read and tie into SI.

I am very much aware that this is not all of them though, but hell, I am only one man. Make sure you keep an eye on the site for the SI review and next weeks show which I am sure will have some in-depth discussion over the comic within the Comics are Crack segment. Enjoy.

Mighty Avengers #11

While (this issue, as the next load are, is) technically not an SI tie in, this title is gonna be one of the must reads over the coming months. This in conjunction with New Avengers are both being written by Brian M. Bendis, the dude writing the core Secret Invasion (SI) mini series of 8 issues.

The issue it's self is loads of fun. The big hang up for readers of Mighty Avengers are the somewhat retro thought bubbles. Something that has been mostly dropped from comics within the Marvel Universe. I believe it was Bendis's desire to set this series apart from the New Avengers and this was one way he did it.

Besides the thought bubbles, which can really fill up a page (make sure you check out Doom's thought bubble rant) the issue is awesome. The resolution of the Doom story and the reveal with Spider Woman bring some big things into question. I really don't want to spoil anything in these reviews though as with SI just round the corner you should be buying these and getting ready to be amazed.

As this is the first time I have reviewed the book, some discussion of the art is in order. Mark Bagley is not a name on my best artist to check out list. But the art is fine. Nothing really stands out, though I do love how he changes the style for the stuff set in the past. Actually I prefer that style to the rest of the art throughout the book. This need to be on your buy pile.

New Avengers #39

After 39 issues of what is arguably one of the best books within the Marvel Universe, possibly any universe, this issue really is a massive SI tie in and it's even more awesome for it.

I mean, I am not sure how important Echo's character will be within the event, but this was all kinds of cool. After a couple of slow issues with lots of talk, this just dropped the chat and went a little insane. Wall to wall action here. That's gotta hurt eh Wolverine.

The centre of the issue is one amazing fight sequence with Echo, Wolverine and well, I wont spoil it, but it's really worth a read. Even the romantic elements at the end were done amazingly due to the dialogue and layout.

I love the layout of this book. The way in which each page is set out with some great framing really makes the whole issue zing off the page at me. I loved it. The art it's self by David Mack is great. Flick to any page and just love it.

There is not exactly loads of story to talk about here, it's a big fight and loads of fun for it. A must buy after its couple of weeks delay that ties in directly with SI. Check this shit out!

Ms. Marvel #25

I do not read this comic on a regular basis. This was my first ever issue of Ms. Marvel. A character I find kinda annoying with Mighty Avengers has had her own comic for just 50 issues. That's not many by Marvel standards.

As you can see by the cover, this is a big SI tie in. It was recommended to me by a guy who works at the comic shop I get all these comics from as he knew I was mad on SI.

So, written by Brian Reed, someone who aint on my comic radar at all, I was a tad dubious about this. But I read it with an open mind.

The issue is cool though. With a great mix of old style art to convey past events and of course some wonderful modern style art, I have come to one very strong conclusion. Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel is HOT!

But seriously the issue was no doubt fun. With some great action, some interesting character stuff and some fun reveals it kept me interested throughout. Add some cool Skrull happenings and some big question for what will come next and this might just make my ever increasing buy pile. Maybe.

Secret Invasion Saga One Shot (free)

This is a must have! Seriously. It's a free comic.

This aint the first time Marvel has done this to promote a big event. But to my knowledge this is the first time a freebie of this nature has come in a proper comic book form.

Basically this will catch you up on everything you need to know about before SI kicks off on Thursday. Written John Rhett Thomas the 'story' is a loose one. Basically Iron Man is researching Skrulls, that way we get to see everything they have ever done in the Marvel Universe all the way up to SI.

It's such a handy little comic. A great recap with exerts of art and story from around 40 years of marvel comics. Good times. I say this though, you might have trouble getting hold of this now as demand has been very high.

Secret Invasion Prologue (free web comic)

As you can see, that's a picture of Dum Dum Dugan, our man Nick Fury's right hand man, before that is, Nick went away... Anyway, this little 10 page story is great. Focusing on the hard bitten SHIELD agent, the surprise and reveal in this is amazing.

You need to check this out as what goes on is immense. Writen by Bendis with art by Leinil Yu the artist working on SI (controversially, whos style I LOVE) this is a great short read and so so worth it.

So those are my short reviews on all things SI prequel. I shall be back soon with the Secret Invasion #1 review. I can't wait.

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