Halo: The Fall of Reach... FILM!

Head over to the Latino Review for the whole story!

But in a nutshell a speculative script has been written by Stuart Beattie a writer with credits such as 30 Days of Night, all three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the forthcoming GI Joe film. The script he has written is based on the Eric Nylund book Halo: The Fall of Reach (click me for plot and info).

The crazy thing is that this script was not commissioned but done by Beattie between projects (for nothing, hence speculative) as he is a massive Halo fan who was annoyed by the very slow progress of the film. To put this in perspective Beattie is a top flight writer and really doesn't need to do spec scripts. He has been commissioned to write other game to film adaptations such as Spy Hunter, Splinter Cell and Gears of War.

The source over at Latino Review said this:

"The script is, first and foremost, a character-driven story about a soldier named John who was kidnapped or "conscripted" by the UNSC when he was just six years old, and then brutally trained to become an elite Spartan warrior known as Master Chief 117.

The script then takes us through the horrific first contact with the Covenant hordes on the doomed colony world of Harvest, and then climaxes with the spectacular fall of the UNSC forward base on Reach, during which every other Spartan is slaughtered.

The script also gives detailed outlines for the second movie, HALO: RISE OF THE FLOOD, which takes place entirely on the Halo ringworld, and the third and final movie, HALO: BATTLE FOR EARTH, which roughly follows the events of Halo 3, the game.

One cool advantage of this first script is that (like the shark in JAWS) you don't even see the Covenant until halfway through the movie. And because all the creatures are CGI creations, this cuts the budget down dramatically and makes a first Halo movie that much more viable. For Halo fans, it's like the prequel that provides all the answers to questions they've thought about for years. For non Halo fans, it's an exciting action movie that provides a clear, concise introduction to a world five hundred years in the future with relatable characters and a terrifying alien menace."

How bad ass does that sound! Very accurate to the cannon of the games and books. My god this film has to be made!

(ed-I REALLY hope this aint an April fools... As the site says it aint and it's been picked up all over, this seems legitimate...)

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