Excalibur Returns?

Here I am again with news. Comic book news! This is a quick follow up to my over excited Captain Britain post from before.

After reading a enjoyable interview with the new comic “Captain Britain and MI:13” creators. I can now happily fill in the blanks on what’s going on. To start with (much to my excitement) it is going to be a new series not just a mini-series for the Secret Invasion. The basic premise seems to be Cap and Wisdom are drafted by the English government to help combat the threat of the Skrull invasion. Simple enough, but this gives Marvel a wonderful chance to bring British hero’s that have been minor sub characters to the attention of their readers.

Paul Cornell has written Hugo award nominated scripts for Doctor Who, as well as having a vast comic book history involving the likes of 2000AD and the hit mini series Wisdom. So I have a lot of faith in his talents I just hope it lives up to the standard that both Claremont and Davis set with their runs on CB.

And if that wasn't enough the editor in charge of this comic is none other then Nick Lowe: the man responsible for some of our most loved comics like the Ultimates! If you can't tell by the amount of time I'm dedicating to this story I'm a little excited. Look in your local comic shop around the 14th of May, when it hits the shelves! (ed-yeh, just a little excited, it's also on my buy pile now!)

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Darbz said...

Nice story, I've always enjoyed reading and hearing about captain Britain and what I've read about excalibur sounds good and slightly mental with the concept of who Captain Brittain is and his history, but hell thats what makes comics so good :)so i'm interested to see how they build on his story in this series