Super heroes in disguise?

We’ve had Transformers, we’ve had transforming fast food thanks to McDonalds cashing in (trust me look it up!) then we had transforming Star Wars figures and now Marvel have cashed in and made transforming heroes… I’m sure I should be excitedly touching myself inappropriately while moaning Stan Lee’s name; and yet here I am typing this post, so obviously my hands are otherwise occupied.

So far they have made Hulk and Iron Man, both molds seem to make sense and actually look good, but so did Marvels last attempt at transforming robots based off their characters. I am one of the unfortunate souls who own one. Is he proudly displayed with my other Transformers and Ghost Riders? No. He lives where all abominations should: under the stairs hidden away from the eyes of the world.

So while two of my beloved franchises come together again I sit in fear. Will it be another abortion waiting to happen or will we be blessed with a beautiful new birth? Only time will tell.

This rant was brought to you by the bitterness inside of Marc.

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