Secret Invasion

Its the big Marvel event of 2008 and it's one that has been building for years.

Brian Bendis has been crafting this story since his first issue of The New Avengers. With the Civil War Bendis split his Avengers titles, creating the Might Avengers and The Initiative to exist alongside his flag ship publication.

Secret Invasion will be an 8 part mini series with ramifications throughout the Marvel universe. Most notably the changes and affect this will have on all the Avengers, pro or anti registration, will be huge.

If you want to know more about this awesome event starting April 2nd head over to here and of course check out the Marvel site. But fear not as we will also be keep you up to date here.

Bellow are the covers for issue one, the main one and the variant (left to right). Exciting stuff, I can't wait to find out who else are Skrulls!

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