Nasty and Nice

Nice: Ellen Page, the star of Juno and the disturbing Hard Candy has signed on with Sam (I'm talented but also a corporate sell out) Raimi to do a horror movie.

We say good for her, most people when they start to reach the heights she is quickly attaining wouldn't bother with any kind of genre fair. The star who is older than she looks (thank god) is down to play the role of a girl attached in some way to a supernatural curse. The movie is called Drag Me To Hell and it mights be Raimi's last chance to avoid the aforementioned hot place.

Nasty: Bo Zenga, some guy who was involved with the Scary Movie franchise is going to spoof the Hollywood monster movie. No doubt this will consist of painfully bad pop culture references, completely un-funny jokes and bad acting a plenty.

But the worse part (ed-so far) is the title of the film, prepare yourself for Stan Helsing.

On a side note, this is Climbing Shrimps 50th post. Not bad huh.

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