Julia Roberts cast as Shadowcat in Wolverine film!

Take this as you will, shameless device to get more hits, or funny joke referencing another news story, I don't mind.

It's not true though, Julia Roberts is not in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (not yet anyway), but, guess what, I do have some more casting news for you!

This time Dominic Monaghan, once a Hobbit, yeh, that one, the one also in Lost has been cast as some mutant called Beak.

Yep, never heard of him either, but it would seem he is more than a bit crap. Head over to here for some more information. But it would seem he will be a comic or perhaps deeply tragic (though my money is on the former) character due to his odd appearance and rather week powers. These include being able to fly very small distances and having a big nose.

Surely, if they add many more characters to this film Wolverines participation will be utterly minimized. Unless they are all just walk on cameo style parts.

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Darbz said...

I'd rather not have any pussies in Wolerine: X men Origins. that means I'd rather not see that little pug nosed fuck appear next to hugh jackman n co! Julia roberts...hot...like the rumour(?)! shes a bit old though...