House of a 1000 Conan's?

Since Arnie first donned the loin cloth back in the 80's everybody be it dorky D&D players to action film lovers has been waiting for the return of Conan to the big screen.Well according to those chaps over at IESB the return of Conan maybe coming back sooner then we think.

They have reported that Rob Zombie is alleged to be taking over the helm of this ship. Now personally I enjoyed Rob's film "Devil's Reject's" which was an amazing take on the genre that challenged you to sympathise with the villainous Firefly family and by the end of it you’re rooting them on.

But Rob is mainly known for his work in the horror genre, in fact all his films have been horror films and he's admitted growing up on old B-movies. So I'm not sure that he is the man for this film, can he really handle the fantasy action epic (ed-which is surely a fantasy action epic B-movie)?

Also this film seems to have been cursed, I've been hearing reports for donkey’s years now that "They are casting (insert name) as Conan" or "Conan will start filming in (insert date)" so will we ever see this film?

These are questions that any fan of the camel punching, vulture eating, warrior king are desperate to have answer, as always we will keep you up to date with any interesting news that comes out.

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