Awesome Super Cool: Episode 2, Tr@ize Double Bill

So, the second ever episode of Awesome Super Cool is here.

This is a special and pretty long show, in many ways a Tr@ize double bill.

First off we have an interview with our resident artist, then me and him discuss Jumper (with loads of spoilers), one of the newest genre films out at your local cinema.

It's a pretty good mixture, what with out first ever Climbing Shrimp interview and a discussion of a somewhat puzzling movie.

So check out this double feature now, you know what to do!

But there is more, the reason for the interview is partly to unveil a new project here at Climbing Shrimp Productions, our first ever web comic.

Called Intersection in Real Time, the comic will be about just about anything we want, it will also be highly irregular and not stick to any kind of timetable. Click the picture bellow for the first strip Critical Mass:

Drawn by Tr@ize written by Ben and Marc! Oh and while your at it don't forget to check out Skies Edge in the right hand side panel.

1 comment:

Darbz said...

I didn't listen to the Awesome super cool episode cos i dnt wanna hear the spoilers but I did enjoy the comic strip along the bottom. Nice illusration style and nice humour :)
(ohh yeah btw i cant download traizes comic on the right of the main page. the adobe says it cannot decryp the script)