Dork in Your Eye Episode 2: Retro a Go Go

Hey guys!

Welcome to show number 2, Retro a Go Go. In this episode, you guessed it, we take a look back at some the most awesomely cool and bodaciously SWEET things that have come out of genre TV, film, games and comics over the last... Forever.

We decided not to limit our scope so basically we looked at a bunch of stuff from over seventy years passed all the way up to last week. If it's come and gone then we felt it was ripe for picking.

If you enjoy the show, the format, even if you don't, please leave us some feedback, a comment and now even an e-mail. It's pretty likely we will mention it in the show.

Oh and one final thing, this is the show with the competition in it. So get listening for information about that and make sure you enter.

As mentioned in the show please send your entries to:


On a side note I have removed the listen in browser option (M3U file I believe) for now as no one really wants it! On a side now Babylon 5 (season 1 and 2) is now available on iTunes for just £19.99 a series! Holly crap that's good value.


Bellow is a link dump for more information on the main things we mention in the show (ed-Wiki is our friend)! So enjoy.

Carnivale, Babylon 5, Freaks, Star Wars, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Phantasy Star Universe, Uplink.


stealthysteveo said...

liked it folks very good stuff :)

Will defo be listening to more

Ben said...

Thanks Steveo!

Darbz said...

Haha, like the pre-recorded online radio show guys. Reminds me of Waynes World with out the TV camera and the topics! good shit. Like the competition idea as well :) Keep them coming I'm listening

Darbz said...

P.S. also if you look on IMDB top 250 films EVER! (Marc) Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back comes in 8th! A New Hope comes in 11th but Return Of The Jedi comes in 109th! Check out the link http://www.imdb.com/chart/top
I like the film section as well (and love the fact u sneaked Freaks in there)

Ben said...

Cheers for the words and the info Darbz! Plus, like I said, ESB is waaaaaay better than ROTJ!

Marc said...
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Marc said...

I did have a cunningly cutting comment for Ben, but I decided it was too mind blowlying intelligent that the world would have ended if I'd posted, So I think I'll just go with the basic.

Shut up you git!

Thanks for checking us out darbz, glad you enjoyed the show. theres more to come!

Now a question I want any one to answer
Who's Wayne and Who's Garth though?

Ben said...

I think we can both be either depending on the moment.